Medalist Map



Medalist's Ideal Investment Characteristics

  • Focus on VA, NC, SC, AL, FL and GA
  • Particular Focus on Under-Managed Properties with Value-Add Opportunities
  • Relationship Sourcing



Investment Process Summary

Market Opportunity

  • Better acquisition opportunity in the secondary and tertiary Commercial real estate markets
  • Availability of debt financing at historically low Rates



Value-Add Investment Strategy

  • Extensive deal flow through a network in target markets due to long-standing relationships with brokers, lenders, etc.
  • Value creation through “hands on” management
  • Thorough knowledge of geographic target area

High Disciplined Investment Approach

  • Thorough approach to analysis and Management
  • Rigorous due diligence process


Experienced and Dedicated Management Team

  • Robust infrastructure includes long standing relationships with two fully staffed property managers for assets under management
  • 50+ years combined experience in commercial real estate and fixed income capital markets
  • Committed team with experience in all phases of commercial real estate management and disposition